If you can't convince them, confuse them

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Where has the time gone?

So it's been a month or so since I've updated this thing. I just don't have the umph to do it anymore. Things around here have been busy. I went to Canada last weekend and had a blast. I was totally intimidated by flying internationally by myself. I endedup coming out of the wrong door/gate thingy and thank God Jen was there or I'd have never recognized Shannon and Vann. We spent most of Friday chilling out *literally* at their house. Holy gosh it was freezing. I went from 85-90F to 55-60! Then, we went to walmart and Jen and i decided we needed a nap. Hmmm, later that night we went to Toronto and had a fun run in at the Phone booth place. They had this fan called a feel good fan. Ha, imagine that conversation. We spent Saturday at Niagara Falls. That was fun, too. We saw a wedding there and the bride was gorgeous. I took a picture. LOL And i took a picture of Canadian police. Hey, it's not everyday you see Canadian police around here. Ok, actually you never see Canadian police here. I spent the whole time telling lame Canadian jokes. .. "That's a nice tree, eh" and i'd have to say "B"... I Guess that's old but to me? It's funny.

My friends here in NC ... we joke now and i say that's cool eh and they all say "B". They are such fast learners LOL We've been hanging out at their house the past few weeks/weekends. We've had some cook outs, gone swimming, gone bowling a few times. It's been fun. It's nice to have people down here to converse with on a day to day basis. The one guy is actually going to take care of our dogs/cat/house while we go away. It will save me like $300 on boarding the dogs. Totally appreciative of that.

Brittany goes to Pennsylvania on Saturday for a long time. The kids leave on Saturday to go to the outter banks with John and Liz. Charlie and I leave on Sunday to go to Tucson. We should have a lot of fun. Charlie is so excited to go "back home". He wants to show me where he's from, visit places he used to live, used to go to school. We are staying with his grandmother which should prove interesting.

The weather here has been really nice lately. I'm sure I'll be the first to complain this summer though. This weekend we threw away almost 600 pounds of garbage from our garage. Just stuff we don't want anymore. We built the shelves for the garage and we've almost got room now for our cars lol imagine that. A garage that cars can actually fit into.

Well, that's all for now. I need to go find all 5 kids LOL

Thursday, May 05, 2005


have i told you guys that Brooke is having more kidney problems? She goes on Tuesday for a renal scan with lasiks. I hate these tests. They will have to put a catheter/catherar? in and an IV and she'll have to lay there for almost 2 hours perfectly still while they do the testing. This is going to be so horrific. She had one done when she was about 2 months old? And another around the age of 3 but now at 7 1/2? She has pride and she WONT like anyone touching her there. I hate my job sometimes.

The kids are going with John today. I have to go get them in about 45 minutes. I'm getting more resentful. I am treating the wart on Nathan's foot. I am taking Brookie for her scan, I am dealing with all of the fun learning disabilities and difficulties that they are having at school and what does he do? Fun stuff. He sucks. I have spent $270 on beautiful dresses, shoes, nice outfits for the boys etc.. all for some wedding that isn't mine. And I won't even see them in the dresses. I won't watch them dance in the dresses at the reception which I'm sure is going to be SO cute. They will steal the show I'm sure. They are really good kids, most of the time anyhow LOL

I suppose I should go finish packing....

Bye Bye Scotty the body!

So Scott's gone from Idol. Such a tough choice. I agree that Anthony and Scott surely were the weakest. I wanted Scott to stay but I hated the idea of Anthony getting voted off on his birthday. Man, how bad would that suck? I suspect Anthony will go home next week followed by Vonzell. Carries my favorite but I think that's because I like country music. She reminds me of Jamie Lynn Spears. Weird. I'm sure I'm alone in that thinking. Oh and i watched slimeyball skeevyman Corey Clark last night. All of the "evidence" is circumstantial. Those answering machine thingies prove nothing. It proves that-- she may have called to tell him not to talk to the press about his arrest etc. I don't know about you all but MY cell phone will tell you the date and time of the call. Why didn't they play that? Why didn't they give something concrete? Why did this dufus hold on to stuff for 2 years? I don't even care IF they were together. I just think his motives are disgusting. I think he's sealed his own fate with this one. No one trusts him. Not me anyhow.

So my new obsession? Rosie Odonnells blog. I can't help it. I check that thing like 2348937243 a day to see if she updated. In whatever strange way I feel like i'm reading the journal of someone i know. When in reality? I'm just being nosey LOL I like the way she thinks (most of the time) I love the carefree "lay it on the line" kind of attitude that she has. I really need a hobby I guess.

The kids go to Pennsylvania today for their uncles wedding. I have to drive them to Richmond which I'm DREADING! It's going to be about 2.5 hours or 3 hours depending on traffic. Johns in a peachy "I hate my girlfriend" mood so hopefully he's not too much of a jackass. I'm thinking he won't be because his sister in law will be with him. THe kids are excited. I couldn't get them to bed until 10:45 last night. Anthony is actually sick to his stomach he's so nervous. I feel badly for them. I can't wait to see the pictures of them though from the wedding. I bet they are just beautiful!