If you can't convince them, confuse them

Thursday, April 28, 2005

American Idol?

So now it will be called a voting fix. Poor little Constantine is gone. yay! People finally got it right. Week in and week out I watched this show and left it feeling more violated than the week before. Didn't it bother anyone that he molested the camera? I've seen people like him on American's most wanted... NOT American Idol LOL All joking aside, He had a great energy but he sucked mooseballs last night. I'm a dork. When Scott started to sing? I got goosebumps. I know I'm alone in this and I know he had pitchy parts and i know he often looks like he's going to rob a bank or something-- but I believe he can sing. I'd probably buy his CD. I'd just never pay to see him in concert or anything. What's it matter? He won't win. Carrie and Bo are taking this all the way. It's painfully obvious. It's all good. I like Carrie, I'd buy her CD ... probably not Bo's although I might download it LOL
If Simon would learn to shut his mouth people would stop rebelling. It's kind of like who do you hate more? Simon or Scott. And Anthony? Please. We already have Jon Secada. We already have Richard Marx. Bring your own thing. Nice guy, great family---- won't win. We already have Clay Aiken!

Whew. Ok.. what else. Amazing Race. Ha..s peaking of sucking Mooseballs. It's no secret I dig Boston Rob but boy did he make an ass of himself last night. His big mouth and arrogant sense of humor came back to bite him in the butt. He thought he had this in the bag until he asked the boat drive how many other teams. He's still hot but man he needs to learn to shut his mouth. Kelly??? she needs to fall off the face of the earth. What woman tells a man he has committment issues because he was a POW? Stupid bitch. I hope they each spend $10,000 of the travelocity money and take their own trips. She's just stupid. Uchenna is hot. He and his wife deserve to win this.... :)

I've been typing this entry the past hour and been in the girls bedroom 5 times. I swear they want to be beaten!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

My freaking day

Ok so for months I've been reading Teresa's diary/journal/blog and I read how she has conversations with her daughter and then posts them..... Now--- it's my turn.

Today, I had to take Brooke and Nathan to the dr for a referral to a developmental specialist.
We get to the Drs and the kids start to play. They call our name... "Brooke and Nathan" Nathan gets up immediately and is ready to go. I say "Brooke come on" she very simply and sternly states.... no!
I said Brooke let's go.
She says no.
I say Brooke!
and then she proceeds to ignore me.
I'm pondering how in the hell am I going to get her to move without everyone witnessing me beating my child. I walk over and say Brooke I'll help you since you didn't hear me. (Which I know she did) and I grab her under her arm and squeeze as I pull her up. Then in her best rain man Dustin Hoffman voice She starts saying...
I'm like Brooke I'm not hurting you.
She says ... I want Woody. (From Toystory. At Kmart. Which she saw THREE weeks ago!)
I sayn NO!
She starts Chanting Woody.
I say no! She says Woody!
I'm like Brooke WALK!
She says me want woody.
I'm trying to finagle her through the waiting area and I'm being so cautious not to bump any baby carseats, any pregnant nurses, or anything in general. . .
Then it's time to get onto a scale. Do you think she'd move? HELL NO. So I try to grab her by the shoulders and I make damn good sure I grab some of her hair and I move her up on to the scale. OWWWWW... OWWWWW... OWWWW.. I'm like Brooke I'm just helpinig you. Oops did I get your hair? :)
Anyhow we get her weighed. She weighs 42lbs. Nathan weighs 38.

We get into the room, Brooke won't cooperate, Nathan has now found that this gets attention. So he starts in. I wun gwueen bok. huH?????? Here... Brooke had 3 blocks. One he could see the green side.
me- Brooke please give him a block.
Brooke- no
me- Brooke PLEASE?
Brooke- no, me had first
Nathan has now I wun gwueen bok even LOUDER and in a more annoying whining voice...
so she finally gives him a block.
He begins sobbing. NOT DAT BOK, I wun GWEEN bok. We went through all 3 until we figured out he wanted the green "G" block. Not the green "A" or the green "R"... Ugh!

We finally get out of there after I almost have a nervous breakdown. and I lose it. THATS IT!! IVE HAD IT YOU ARE BOTH GOING TO BED!!!! And I'm screaming at them in the car and tell Brooke she wont get Woody. And Nates like.. "I wun McDonalds".... NO!!!!! I WUN MCDONALDS, I WUN MCDONALDS.. He must have said that 12 times....

It's soo freaking annoying. Brooke finally shut up and I went to McDonalds becasue I was afraid at any given moment I'd kill someone.

SO that's my Teresa entry! lol

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Survivor night

So tonight we'll see who goes. That Stephanie is kicking butt by herself. I bet she's scared shitless. I would be! I think Tom and Ian will be soon booted too if they aren't careful. Ian is a dolphin trainer. How cool would that be to have that job? You have to be able to hold your breathe for three minutes in order to be a trainer. I learned that last year while we had dinner with Shamu. That was a neat thing.The weather is still crappy around here. It's been raining every day but today. The nice part is I don't have to water all kabillion trees. I did water them today but they probably don't need it. I looked at our purple plum trees tonight and the dogs appear to be eating at them.Oh today I went to the Dr. It appears I have a gall bladder issue. I have to have an ultra sound done on it next Thursday. The dr sounded as if he wanted to send me to a surgeon. Fun. They did give me vicodin. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I haven't had it since last year. I was pretty addicted to it last year. I was lying to drs to get it and playing them against each other. At one point I was taking 7-8 of them at a time. Charlie had me flush them down the toilet when I told him what was happening. The withdrawal was horrible. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.Speaking of horrible, Our friends Tom and Missy had their baby on the 12th. Preston Thomas was born and weighed 9lbs 4 ounces and was 22 inches long. That's a long baby. She was a week and a day over due though. He's the cutest little thing I must say!Well on that note I'm outta here.... Time for Survivor. I love Tivo. I never watch a show live now, I just fast forward through the commercials lolI have no life.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Where did summer go?

The weather has been so nice this past week. Now, today, it is crappy. Well I mean it's probably 60F outside. We now have 10 trees planted in our yard, 4 rose bushes, 4 carolina jasmines, 5 gardenia's, some phlox, some african daisy's, some box shrubs and I think that's it.. LOL That's a lot of yard work though. Charlie busted his butt digging holes for it all. I'm glad he's here because I wouldn't have a clue how to do that stuff. I'm so not flower oriented. I hope it looks nice. Oh we got the paver type blocks to go around as well. Oh AND we have a Nellie R Stevens holly tree. I should post a picture. Well, actually if you go to my main site and then on to the pictures place. Click on Other and then on House and I think the new pics are on page 3. Posting them would be easier but I'm feeling too lazy right now.

I go to Canada with Jen and Shannon (oh and Vann and kids too) May 20th. I'm sure we'll have a blast. I haven't seen Jen since August 2000. I've never met Shannon. I'm not even sure what the plans are. Shannon will need a whole week to gather herself and straighten her house I'm sure. I should probably get a hotel. I'lll have to ask her what would be easier. I certainly don't want to impose.

My meds are starting to level out. If I take them at 6pm at night, I'm able to function for a little and sleep through the worst part. I can take meds at 8pm on the weekends and be alright if I sleep until 8am... Other wise I'm certainly tired.
Megan goes to the hospital Friday to have her teeth filled. She says it hurts to eat so it's better to do it sooner rather than later. They will clean her teeth while we're there too. yay!

OH nathan.. He's starting to do well at this potty training thing. He's freaking 4 and not out of diapers. Lord help me. But today, he told me he had to pee, so i told him to go. Then he put on a diaper and pooped in it. But then later he had big boy pants on and even went pee without even telling me he had to or eing told to. how cool is that ? :) I can't wait until he's done..

Tonights Boston Rob night. He's so hot LOL I know some people hate him but ahh hell... he does it for me! I'll write more later, one of my children has a death wish