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Thursday, April 28, 2005

American Idol?

So now it will be called a voting fix. Poor little Constantine is gone. yay! People finally got it right. Week in and week out I watched this show and left it feeling more violated than the week before. Didn't it bother anyone that he molested the camera? I've seen people like him on American's most wanted... NOT American Idol LOL All joking aside, He had a great energy but he sucked mooseballs last night. I'm a dork. When Scott started to sing? I got goosebumps. I know I'm alone in this and I know he had pitchy parts and i know he often looks like he's going to rob a bank or something-- but I believe he can sing. I'd probably buy his CD. I'd just never pay to see him in concert or anything. What's it matter? He won't win. Carrie and Bo are taking this all the way. It's painfully obvious. It's all good. I like Carrie, I'd buy her CD ... probably not Bo's although I might download it LOL
If Simon would learn to shut his mouth people would stop rebelling. It's kind of like who do you hate more? Simon or Scott. And Anthony? Please. We already have Jon Secada. We already have Richard Marx. Bring your own thing. Nice guy, great family---- won't win. We already have Clay Aiken!

Whew. Ok.. what else. Amazing Race. Ha..s peaking of sucking Mooseballs. It's no secret I dig Boston Rob but boy did he make an ass of himself last night. His big mouth and arrogant sense of humor came back to bite him in the butt. He thought he had this in the bag until he asked the boat drive how many other teams. He's still hot but man he needs to learn to shut his mouth. Kelly??? she needs to fall off the face of the earth. What woman tells a man he has committment issues because he was a POW? Stupid bitch. I hope they each spend $10,000 of the travelocity money and take their own trips. She's just stupid. Uchenna is hot. He and his wife deserve to win this.... :)

I've been typing this entry the past hour and been in the girls bedroom 5 times. I swear they want to be beaten!


  • You are soo not alone. Funny I say the same thing about scott singing giving me goosebumps. And I agree constantinemaking love to the camera is weird. Funny how simon picked on clay for his camera face and constantine is much worse!!

    By Anonymous nc friend, At April 28, 2005 5:32 PM  

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