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Thursday, April 21, 2005

My freaking day

Ok so for months I've been reading Teresa's diary/journal/blog and I read how she has conversations with her daughter and then posts them..... Now--- it's my turn.

Today, I had to take Brooke and Nathan to the dr for a referral to a developmental specialist.
We get to the Drs and the kids start to play. They call our name... "Brooke and Nathan" Nathan gets up immediately and is ready to go. I say "Brooke come on" she very simply and sternly states.... no!
I said Brooke let's go.
She says no.
I say Brooke!
and then she proceeds to ignore me.
I'm pondering how in the hell am I going to get her to move without everyone witnessing me beating my child. I walk over and say Brooke I'll help you since you didn't hear me. (Which I know she did) and I grab her under her arm and squeeze as I pull her up. Then in her best rain man Dustin Hoffman voice She starts saying...
I'm like Brooke I'm not hurting you.
She says ... I want Woody. (From Toystory. At Kmart. Which she saw THREE weeks ago!)
I sayn NO!
She starts Chanting Woody.
I say no! She says Woody!
I'm like Brooke WALK!
She says me want woody.
I'm trying to finagle her through the waiting area and I'm being so cautious not to bump any baby carseats, any pregnant nurses, or anything in general. . .
Then it's time to get onto a scale. Do you think she'd move? HELL NO. So I try to grab her by the shoulders and I make damn good sure I grab some of her hair and I move her up on to the scale. OWWWWW... OWWWWW... OWWWW.. I'm like Brooke I'm just helpinig you. Oops did I get your hair? :)
Anyhow we get her weighed. She weighs 42lbs. Nathan weighs 38.

We get into the room, Brooke won't cooperate, Nathan has now found that this gets attention. So he starts in. I wun gwueen bok. huH?????? Here... Brooke had 3 blocks. One he could see the green side.
me- Brooke please give him a block.
Brooke- no
me- Brooke PLEASE?
Brooke- no, me had first
Nathan has now I wun gwueen bok even LOUDER and in a more annoying whining voice...
so she finally gives him a block.
He begins sobbing. NOT DAT BOK, I wun GWEEN bok. We went through all 3 until we figured out he wanted the green "G" block. Not the green "A" or the green "R"... Ugh!

We finally get out of there after I almost have a nervous breakdown. and I lose it. THATS IT!! IVE HAD IT YOU ARE BOTH GOING TO BED!!!! And I'm screaming at them in the car and tell Brooke she wont get Woody. And Nates like.. "I wun McDonalds".... NO!!!!! I WUN MCDONALDS, I WUN MCDONALDS.. He must have said that 12 times....

It's soo freaking annoying. Brooke finally shut up and I went to McDonalds becasue I was afraid at any given moment I'd kill someone.

SO that's my Teresa entry! lol


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