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Monday, September 26, 2005

Man am I tired

Charlie's grandmother has been here for a week, I think. Man I'm exhausted. Who would have thought you could get so tired from just driving around. We looked at some houses earlier in the week and she put in an offer on one yesterday. It was accepted today so she'll be moving on November 15th. (well, at least that's her closing date). I don't Charlie has any idea what he's gotten into. Or better yet---- What he's gotten ME into! Her new house is beautiful! I'm excited she'll be close but it will be sooo much work I think.

Tonight we're going out to dinner with Cecil and Rob and Grandma. Saturday we went out to dinner with Bob and Shannon and Grandma. Mark my word, I'm SOOOO sick of going out to eat I'll be glad when this week is OVAH! We have almost run out of places to go. I'm started to recognize faces at Olive Garden and Texas steak house. That's a bad sign.

Brooke had her IEP meeting last week. They said she's doing really well. They are no longer pulling her from the room for resource help and have just started to give her a bit of extra help in the classroom for a period of time each day. She's still doing her speech therapy but her therapist said she can't believe how far she's come. Yipeeee! That's exciting! I have Megan's IEP I THINK October 13th. I'm not sure on the exact date. That should be interesting. She's doing so much better. I'm confident that I made the right choice in having her held back.

All of the new TV shows started recently. I'm returning to Tvjunkie land. I hate Oprahs' new set. What is she thinking? Dr Phil has become so "Jerry Springer-leftover'ish" lately too. How disappointing. His son is still hot though :)

The temps this week are more bearable, speaking of hot. I think it's going to be in the mid to upper 80's. Last week it was still in the mid 90s. I'd still take the heat ANY DAY over the snow!


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