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Friday, August 19, 2005

This is a repost of the 15th...

My worst memory out of all of my school years----6th grade.It was the hardest year by far. There were 5 of us girls and someone was always left out. We fought and man did we fight bad. The prank phone calls, hate notes, locker smashing, rumors spread, sometimes even fist fights LOL We were HORRIBLE> Every other day we were at the counselors office. He told my mom we were the worst group of girls he'd ever had. We were trying to find out who we were I think. The funny thing is... 4 of us out of the 5 are still really good friends. It's easy now to see who the trouble maker was :)Well the whole point to this is ...

Today? I took my Anthony to his 6th grade orientation. 6th grade? Gosh. How can I be a mom of one of those kids! Especially when my 6th grade is sooo vivid in my head LOL He was so nervous. He was shivering and saying how cold the hallways were. I told them they weren't cold but that he was nervous. He said he wasn't nervous. Yeah ok. He proceeded to walk into the gym and go up the bleachers to his friends..... but.... not before catching his big as feet on the steps and falling straight up LOL I swear this child really IS Murphy's Law. He handled it well though. He just got up and looked back at me and smiled. Whatta goof! It's hard to believe he's 11 1/2. He'll be done with high school in 6 more years! Man, where did the time go! He used to be my baby and now he's having "adult" conversation with me. He told me the other day that he doesn't have a religion because he wasn't baptized. Well, that's because my church only dedicates and then you get baptized when you're old enough to accept God for yourself. Anyhow, to make a long story short we talked about how you get baptized and what has to happen etc and about the 10 commandments etc. The one that stuck out in his head was "Thou shall not kill" He wanted to know how a person can join the military and be a Christian. Hmm... interesting. I'd like to know if anyone has a good answer for this. He said the military people have to kill and how come they wear crosses etc.. He said he didn't want to make that commitment to God because he wants to join the military. It's just weird that something so simple makes sense to a little 11 year old.. but not to everyone else.

So here we are. It's Monday. Charlie is at his new job. It's his first day. Hopefully he's doing alright. It will be so weird to have him come home and BE here! Every night? At least for a while anyhow. The bonus room is almost done,too! I think we need to sang just a few more spots and them primer it and paint it and voila! I can't wait! Hopefully it helps keep some of the clutter down!


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