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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Happy School Year Day!

Today is the day. Yes siree! The day! Anthony, Brittany and Brooke all went to school. Megan will go after labor day and I'm not quite sure when Nathan goes. I suppose I should make that call huh? Anthony didn't seem to nervous this morning. He's been nervous all week though. He ended up missing the bus this morning and I had to drive him. There was an accident near the school so it took longer than expected. I had to drop him off and RACE back home to make sure the girls were all ready to go. They finally ran to get their bus and then I had to get Megan and Nate ready to go to the school so Megan could have her teacher orientation. It went pretty good, at least I think so :) I saw Brookes old teacher and megans old teacher, too. After that was done we went to Cecil's and sat and talked for a little and now I'm home.

I need to find the benedryl for my arm. It hurts so bad. I finally called the dr yesterday to ask about the rash and he said he thinks i'm allergic to triple antibiotic ointment. I've stopped putting it on and started taking benedryl every 3-4 hours and it seems to be helping some. When it itches? It itches soooo bad I can hardly stand it.

Charlie is out of town. He's been in DC since Tuesday. They said he'd be home tonight but now they've changed it to tomorrow. The neighbors got a new kitten. Man they have NO clue what they are doing with it. Yesterday Corina was spraying it with the hose and it was soaked. it must only be about 4 weeks old? 5 tops! I brought it inside and gave it food and water and kept it warm. They are keeping it in our puppy dog cage. The dad won't let it run free through the house. Whatever, weirdo's. I need to take it to a no kill shelter because Charlie won't let me keep it. We already have the 2 cats though so i can't say I blame him LOL

Well I guess for now-- that's it.. I'll write more later.


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