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Friday, September 02, 2005


Is this the Darwin theory?

Survival of the fittest. This is just horrible. I don't know that I BLAME anyone. This is an act of God. This is a reminder of who is in charge. NOT George Bush, not Homeland security. You'd better find faith and you'd better find it soon. If you're not around that area-- You've probably talked to God in the last few days and maybe even thanked him. I know I have. I want to help. I wish I could do something. I think we need to bring some of our troops home to take care of our country. I just can't turn myself away from the coerage. What can we do. How can we help? We did give $100 to the red cross. Ya know it's not enough. They say it's 94 in New Orleans today. I can't imagine those poor babies, the poor people.


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