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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen... It's TIM WEEK!!!

So today is Wednesday. SATURDAY IS THE DAY!!! I am SO excited! I can't wait. There are 30-40 fans getting together at a bar and grille called Stooges. It should be a blast. This is a song that is on Faith's new CD. She sings it with Tim. I love it!

So far this week, Brittany has screwed up homework, anthony has insulted the "rednecks" as he calls them on the bus, Brooke has yelled "to the mexican boy" down the street.... I swear we're going to have our house burnt down here LOL

Megan and Nathan start school next week and then... I'm officially kid free. I can't wait! Today we went to meet Charlie for lunch at McDonalds. He said he's probably going to Georgia next week to do an install and them to Omaha, Nebraska in October. Too bad you don't get more rapid rewards for the distance you travel instead of just the frequency LOL It won't be so bad with him gone now that the kids are going to be in school.
Oh do you want to hear how heavy I got? When they were messing with my medicine-- I weighed in at a big FAT 183!! Can you believe that? I got huge. I should really post a picture so you can just really see how heavy I got. Then, I stopped the meds and now I'm down to about 160. I know it's still heavy. And way heavier than I have ever been but it's coming off. When I met charlie I was 130. I remember Dave coming in from Texas telling me "I was bigger than he thought"... WTF? LOL That was around the same time. If 130 is big... I want to be big again.

Oh speaking of numbers. I paid $2.79 for gas today. It was $50.50 to fill up my van. I should have filled it up yesterday. I saw it was $2.49. I can't believe the horrific conditions of the south. You just feel so helpless. So many peoples lives are destroyed and there is no one to even be mad at. I know they say you shouldn't compare this to the tsunami but in ways? This is almost worst. The tsunami victims had no warning. That's why the numbers of lives lost was so high. We did have warning. However, the tsunami didn't have 160mph winds to brave and the rain for 12 hours or more straight. The waters receeded after the tsunami and here it is DAYS later and the water is still rising. God bless those people.

You never looked so good
As you did last nightUnderneath those city lights
There walking with your friend
Laughing at the moon
I swear you looked right through me
But I'm still livin' with your goodbye
And you're just goin' on with your life

Chorus:How can you just walk on by
Without one tear in your eye
Don't you have the slightest feelings left for me
Maybe that's just your way
Of dealing with the pain
Forgetting everything between our rise and fall
Like we never loved at all

You, I hear you're doin' fine
Seems like you're doin' well
As far as I can tell
Time is leaving us behind(Leavin' us behind)
Another week has passed
And still I haven't laughed yet
So tell me what your secret is
To letting go, like you did, like you did

Did you forget the magic
Did you forget the passion
Did you ever miss me
Ever long to kiss meeeee....
Maybe that's just your way
Of dealing with the pain
Forgetting everything between our rise and fall
Like we never loved...at alllllll....


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