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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Who turned off the air conditioning? Man it's been hot the last few days. The kids are awake today and I'm off to my friends to go swimming.

Charlie started his job down here yesterday. Woohoo! He's home. It was weird! he was home at 5:30!! I don't think he's ever been home at 5:30 unless he's taken a day off of work. This is going to be sooo cool!

Anyhow, I'll write more later. Oh Amy's water broke! That means we're going to have one more Canadian in this world! Woo hooo. Welcome baby Gagnon!


Well it's later. It's hotter than hell here LOL We went swimming and Cecil and i played Zuma for a while. Now I'm off to the store to find something for dinner. I hate food shopping. I hate cooking even more! Ugh


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