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Friday, August 19, 2005

Guess who got their Tim tickets??

Yepper. ME!!!!!!!!! They were delivered last night. Unfortunately, they didn't get upgraded but 5th row will have to do. LOL Poor me huh ? The concert is in September. Labor day weekend. I can't wait It will be a good time!

I updated this thing the other day but for whatever reason it's updating out of order. It's below the 6th grade post. If THIS goes below the 6th grade post I give up! Sometimes I miss my old journals. But I hated messing with the html and archives and blah blah blah. This just seems easier.

I go to the Dr today at 2:20. When I fell off of the horse in Arizona I hurt my shoulder. I knew I hurt my shoulder. I told them it burned as soon as I fell. That was where all of my pain was at initially. When they took x-rays-- they had to stop becasue my shoulder hurt so bad. It's been a while now and I'm still struggling. It hurts to take my bra off, it hurts to take a shirt off or on, it hurts to reach back and get a seatbelt etc. I can't put glasses away in the cabinets because reaching up hurts me too bad.

Is today Thursday or Friday?I forget. Saturday we have a birthday party to go to. A bowling party. yeee haaa. The kids will love it. It's for our friends son. We went to their house last night for cake and ice cream. I wonder what I should get him for his birthday. I've never been good at buying boys presents LOL

School starts next week. Oh ma'lawd! I can't wait! Anthony will be on the big morning bus. I think I actually might drive him. I haven't decided yet. Brittany and Brooke will go back together. Megan and Nate will go later I believe. Heck, I"m' not even sure when Nathan goes back. We haven't heard from that school at all yet. Maybe I should call today. He really wants to see his teacher so maybe I'll even drive him by her house. She's a nice lady. Her name is Doyle. Huh? lol But in the south, Doyle is said like Dole. Yes the fruit LOL

Anyhow... I need to go get a shower. Congrats to Amy on the baby girl! She's realllllly cute!


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