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Monday, August 08, 2005

4 in the bed and the little one said......

Man. I have the 3 babies in bed with me and I forgot how uncomfortable it was to have them in here. Things have been so busy around here lately. Charlie got a job here in NC. I can't remember if I said that already or not. He starts next Monday. No more flying for him. Yeee haaa. Ok I lie. He still has to travel but at least he'll see something other than Philadelphia airport.

Anthony got bitten by a local pit bull. OK.. Now, since I'm not on a message board? AHHHHHHH!!!! I've been leery of those dogs since I knew they lived here. I've always supported peoples rights to have them but when I saw them in my neighborhood I have to admit, I was nervous. Rightfully so, obviously! He was riding his motor scooter down the road and the dog came running towards him from it's yard. Anthony stopped the scooter and the dog started to sniff him. Anthony told the owner maybe it's because the dog smells our two dogs? And the dog barked. before the owner could grab him, the dog nipped Anthony in the back of the leg. Anthony drove off. Well I went to the ladies house and talked to her. She was about 22 and smelled like pot so much. All she said was that the dog was up to date on it's shots and that he's just a puppy. 8 months old. She said he likes some kids and hates other. ???? um, ok. and you keep him WHY? I got home and called 911 who transferred me to animal control. They came out and refreshed them on the leash laws of our county and told them to keep them fenced up.
Anyhow, I took a picture of Anthony's leg. I'll post it later.

Also this past week... Charlie's uncle Michael died. I guess he was dead for 3 days before anyone found him. We're not quite sure what he died of. He was a little off. They say he had a bad trip or something from drugs and his brain was basically fried. He was about 45-50 years old. I'm not quite sure. They flew him from Arizona to Chicago to be buried. Charlie's been there Friday. He will fly to Pennsylvania tomorrow I feel so badly for his grandmother. I'm happy thought that we went to Arizona this year for vacation and that I got a chance to meet him. I pray I never have to bury my children. I can't imagine the pain...

OH also on Friday? Thomas and I went to see Clay Aiken. He has a Juke box tour right now and he was in Cary. It was awesome. HOT but awesome. He sang some really good songs. I have to admit it was a trip watching him sing Living la vida loca LOL He's always a good show. If you get a chance to see him.. GO! Hearing him sing live is great.


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