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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Lazy summer days..

I'm changing this font. Why? Well, because I guess I can. I'm trying to see which one I like. This particular one is called Georgia. Who names a font after a state? I mean, Websters dictionary is pretty big and they have to start reusing words? WTH is up with that? Verdana is what it will be. Ya know why I use this font? LOL This is pathetic. I use this font because it's bigger. That way when I only type a little bit--it actually looks as if I have typed a lot more.

So I told you all about Anthonys dog bite. I didn't tell you about Nathan's tooth. Man, these boys keep me hopping. While we were in Pennsylvania we had dinner with Johns parents. On the way home, Megan tried to put Nathan's seatbelt on and it slipped and the buckle busted Nate across the mouth. He cried, but not much. That whole night he was up crying. When he woke up his whole face was swollen. Hmm, how can I describe it. Perhaps a mix of Homer Simpson and Planet of the Apes? I drove to my moms and took him to the Dr. They said he'd be fine and to just give him motrin. Ok, fine. The swelling did start to go down. 2 days later? He was wrestling with my sister (17) and Anthony (11) and got clothes lined across the mouth in the same spot. This time his nose was bleeding, his mouth was bleeding and he was in and out of consciousness. We immediately drove him to the hospital and sat there for what seemed like FOREVER! Of course as any mom knows.... the minute you walk into the emergency room--Your child no longer has an emergency. HE felt fine. Running around, jumping etc. You name it and he did it. They did xrays and stuff there and said he'd be fine, just to keep ice on it and use motrin. WELL now ... this week.. I checked on his gums to see that the swelling has gone down only to see that he has a HUGE abscess on his gum. It was nasty. I took him into the dentist and they said the tooth had to come out.Wahhhh. The problem was that due to the inflamation they said they couldn't really numb it. So they had to yank that tooth out with NO numbing ANYTHING! My baby was such a trooper! He looks so different now!

The kids are out in full force now that Anthony is home. Every other dang minute my door bell is ringing. Why don' door bells have off buttons? That would be a GOOD idea. I cleaned out my garage last weekend and I now park the van in there. Daniel is 7. He's from Russia. All he says is.. "My name is Daniel. I'm from Russia the old country" LOL but he said he sees my van and comes to see me. HA! Well.... now it's hiding. Oh I wanted to say.. Bob helped me do my garage too. Totally unexpected but man was I happy. It was SOO hot! It would have taken me forever and it probably woudn't have been done efficiently but Bob is pretty good at that stuff. So anyway.. my car is in the garage now... wait.. maybe i have a picture LOL


  • sorry to hear your little boy was bit. my son had this happen (attacked by dog but it never broke the skin) twice. same dog - and he hated bikes for some reason.

    By Blogger Nancy, At August 10, 2005 11:28 AM  

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