If you can't convince them, confuse them

Thursday, July 20, 2006


It's funnier that the happier I am; the less I use this thing. perhaps thats why I used it so much before. Now? I just basically use it to update people that I haven't had a chance to touch base with.

Currently? Busy! Wedding wedding wedding. I'm in over load mode. I have had so much to do. So many choices to make and still a million more to make. Lord help me. ADHD people should NOT plan weddings. It is frying my brain. I've picked the father/daughter dance. It's going to be Heartland.. "I loved her first" AWESOME song! You can hear it here http://www.goooz.com/Heartland%20I%20loved%20her%20first.mp3

And our wedding song is going to be All we ever find by Tim McGraw. Back in Halifax? When this CD first came out I told Charlie the song reminded me of us. He listened to it on the way from Allentown to my house and learned all the words. He'd practice with brittany in the car and then attempt to sing it to me. (key word attempt) You can hear it here.. http://www.goooz.com/Tim%20McGraw%20-%20All%20We%20Ever%20Find.mp3

I have officially changed the flowers, which changes the color scheme which changes the .. etc... My dress had to change too. holy freaking drama!!! But I love the dress I have. The first one my parents really liked. But this one? I loved! I'm not even girlie but when I put it on? I almost cried. *gasp* don't tell! LOL

Tonight I'm going to a pampered Chef party at Shannon's house. It should be fun. How pathetic am I that the only thing I want is bamboo tongs. I love them for turning bacon LOL I might get a stone cookie sheet too. Funds are limited now because of the wedding. So we'll see.
Shannon's been a huge help with this whole wedding thing. It's good for her because she's organized. NOT me! LOL She helped me make the invitations and she booked the hotel rooms and everything. Huge help! I have another project I am going to have her help me do-- we'll see how it goes. LOL

I sent out the invitations on Monday. I got one back so far. From Shannon LOL cross your fingers. I hope to hear back soon from people. I have to give final count for food on August 19th. Man that's not very far away is it??? *gasp*

Ok for now? that's it!