If you can't convince them, confuse them

Monday, June 26, 2006


Man my house is quiet. There are no love sounds here. No kids fighting. No whining. It's weird. I always want peace and quiet but now? It's too quiet. How on earth do single people live? It's like a hotel here! Anthony, Brooke and Megan are in PA. Brittany is in Florida. Who knows when they will all come home.

Hey though. A few weeks ago I went to see Tim and Faith. I had pretty kick ass seats. Unfortunately. Why is it unfortunate? Well dang. I was able to be close and see how heavy Tim has gotten! LOL Dang. He's busted a gut since September. And Faith? Well man. She's got crows feet and a wrinkly neck. I guess it made them more human and normal to me. I'd rather see Faith gain the weight! hahaha It was really nice to hear them sing their love songs and duets. But I missed all of Tim's songs.

I've spent some time at Cecil's' this week. We've gone to the movies, gone bowling, gone to lunch and sometimes to dinner. We've gone go-kart racing, miniature golf playing and video game time wasting! We've managed to get our hair done for insane amounts of money. I've bought a hot dog at an outside vendor and man did it taste good.

I've been pissed off at my sister for well over a week now. I'm coming to a conclusion that just because someone is your family; you don't have to like them. She's mean. And hateful and ungrateful and self-centered. Disrespectful and just Grrrrrrr! I don't know how someone can have so much and appreciate so little of it. Man, if I had my way i'd be living at home hahaha and there she is. Totally lazy. totally ungrateful. I get so tired of hearing her whine and bitch about things and yell at my parents. Some day? I'm going to forget she's 19 and forget she's my sister and I'm going to knock her ass out. Just once. It's not about personality differences. I realize everyone is different. It's all about having respect. how hard is that? Just respect people.

The wedding is coming up. I'm not even sure where I'm going to pull all of the money for it. I'm starting to have dreams about the wedding totally crashing. my hair isn't done, the dress doesn't look right on, no one shows up, I see Charlie before the wedding and the photographer doesn't show. Yep. Stress and anxiety. I still have a lot to do. I hate doing work. I should have hired a wedding consultant.

Well for now? I'm going to go