If you can't convince them, confuse them

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Summer time.....

Well the weather seems to be staying pretty warm lately. That's always a good thing. I just got back on Friday from a few days in Pennsylvania. It was a nice trip. I surprised the kids dad with a small visit. We ended up also going to the Chocolate Factory in Hershey. Blah. But they enjoyed it; followed by a lunch at Red Robin. Man it's been a few years since I've been at a Red Robin!. I got to see my adorable little niece, Emily. I can't believe how big she's getting! I swear she's the cutest thing and I think she likes me, too. Probably not as much as Shannon's baby, Samantha. Samantha is getting BIG! I was only gone a week and I come back and she's so filled out now. Like, 0-3 month clothes actually fit her. I really do need to take some more pictures of her. It's been too long.

Yesterday I took Brittany to the dentist. She had some teeth issues so today she had to go back in and get some work done. The dentist also did an xray of Anthony's mouth while we were there. While we were in PA.. Anthony got kicked in the face by a kid on the trampoline. Those things are THE MOST dangerous things. That is why I won't and refuse to own one! I just hate them. There was no root damage though to the teeth which is great! Brittany's fillings are white composite which is nice, too. That way her smile will be white, not grey! Thursday I have to take her to the orthodontist in the morning and then Friday Brittany and Anthony both have an appointment with the dermatologist. Brittany's face breaks out soooo bad. I'm hoping that they can give her something to help it clear up. Sometimes it looks like poison ivy. At 11? That's a horrible thing to have! Anthony keeps getting a fungus. Last year he had ring worm and he's been struggling with a fungus type thing every since. He takes oral meds for it, uses prescription shampoo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc what else can I do, ya know?

Charlie is away this week in Virginia Beach. It sucks! Because I was gone last week for a few days we only had like 1 day together. I'll be happy when he gets home. When he DOES get home, I'm going to make him sit down with me and we're going to send out "save the dates" and make some real wedding plans. I'm tired of being in limbo LOL

Well there's an update. I don't know what else to tell yall lol

Friday, April 07, 2006


So I got a tattoo. Yep. It hurts. I didn't say bad words. I didn't scream but yep. It freaking hurt! LOL Not so bad that I didn't let them finish but enough taht I am sure I don't want to do THAT again! LOL