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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Well shit

I just hate updating this thing anymore. I used to do it to vent or something. Now? It just seems boring. Who wants to hear about this crazy life? lol I think I set a wedding date. September 3rd. The weekend of Labor Day. That way people can travel from PA and not have to rush. AND I can get married on a Sunday and save some money. Good thought, huh?

We went out to eat last night with Granny, Bob and Shannon. We only took Brooke and Megan though and had a sitter for the others. It was a pretty good time. Bob was hilarious. Totally cracked us up. He was writing on napkins and showing out the restaurant windows to the people waiting. "Is it still a 45 minute wait?" And then he turned it over and said "Guess what? I just saved on my car insurance! " He'd call them over to the window and show it.. It was a trip. Unless of course you are married to him lol

The kids have been doing pretty good. Brittany goes to get her braces this coming week. Lord help us! $5500. Charlie's insurance will pay $1000 of it. She has to wear headgear at night for like the first year or so? Anthony will have to do all of that too but he doesn't go until the summer.

On Friday I go to domestic relations for a modification. They are probably going to increase his support by $300 a month. PLUS he has to pay half of the $900 towards Anthonys braces and also half of the monthly bill. Yippeeeee.... That's a lot of stress off of my back let me just tell ya! He has no clue how expensive they get now. Like... for instance, I just paid $45 for a school year book, each month we pay $5 for dances, plus snack money, plus he goes on outings with the church which are usually $20 a weekend. That doesn't cover any food, school lunches, clothes, etec...

We are ALL addicted to the card game Phasee 10. Love love love to play it. Charlie and I have been playing with Anthony and Brittany almost nightly. And during the day?? Cecil and Shannon and I play. It's nice to have friends down here. Oh heck and I've even been picking up the house WITHOUT a house cleaner. Imagine that LOL Today I was on all 4s scrubbing the kitchen floor, the bathroom floor, the cabinets, dusting ceiling fans, under couches, under cushions etc. I think it's SO much better to pay someone the $80 a week LOL

Anyhow... Carol, Amy, Donna whoever else is reading...

Here's your update LOL