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Friday, November 02, 2007

blah blah blah

So I'm about a week and a half post op--- Dawty! (I just laughed when I wrote that)
I don't think I was prepared to feel so yucky. Some times in the day I think I'm feeling good and then I try to over do it. By far? constipation has been the worse!! How's that for TMI? *sigh*
My mom was here for about 2 weeks. She just left today to head back to Pennsylvania.

My brother and his wife had a bab on Halloween. Now I have a niece and a nephew. Yahoo! Elias James was born on Halloween at 8:42am. He weighed 8lbs 7oz and is 20 1/2 inches long. I haven't seen a picture or anything yet. He had some problems when he was first born and has been in the NICU for the last few days. I think he may go home with them today, though. Which is cool.

Charlie is at the hospital with his grandmother. Who knows whats going on with her. She seems to be going to the hospital every so many weeks now. I think she's afraid she's going to pass out, have a stroke, or die or something. I guess at age 84 I'd be paranoid as well. Hopefully things are fine with her.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


It's been a while since I've posted on here. I haven't really thought about it but lately people have been bring it up to me. Charlie said his boss was reading it? (Hi boss) and then my friend Christi was talking about how I should have a journal cause she's like to read it. Ha little does she know.

This stupid fucking job of Charlie's has my life upside down. I told him as of today I'd never mention again how much he travels. I swear I won't. He says he can show me a spread sheet that just how much he travels and how many days and hours he's gone. I think he likes to be gone. I think he likes his job more than he likes being here. Sorry but I do. He DOES like his job. I don't know that it's a bad thing to like your job but I think it becomes a bad thing when you don't like your home. I have to have surgery in two weeks and now I wish I wasn't. Maybe I'll call on Monday and cancel it so that he doesn't have to take off of work. It's just going to create problems for his work and God knows it's going to piss him off to sit here int his house and force him to take care of the kids, drive them around have to deal with them. Maybe that's just what I'll do

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Nate!

Six years ago tonight--- this is how it all started!

a tiny little 34 week'er. Actually, he was quite big. 5lbs 9oz but only 18 inches long. He had about 2 weeks in the NICU and then came home. I remember the nurse for him telling me he was a BULL!  I was offended that this woman would even attempt to tell me MY sons personality. Good God was she ever right. He's 6 today and he's still that same little bull. Right now he's pretty onry. I don't know where he gets it from. *grin* He has the most beautiful eyes and i love his sense of humor!


Anyhow, Happy birthday little buddy! Here's some of my favorite pictures through out the last few years..





this is the most recent and i lOVE it!!!!


happy Birthday Nater! We love you!


Friday, December 15, 2006

Merry Christmas

One year I had a blog with a black background, red writing and cute little Christmas lights every where. Simple, yet cute. How dorky that I miss that blog. LOL Nathan is home sick today. He has gone to the bathroom (#2) at least 10 times this morning and thrown up, too. He's coughing really bad but no fever. And he acts completely normal. I still have a 12:00 Drs appointment because i need him to get some nebulizer treatments for when this cough settles in his chest.

I just spent my morning at the middle school. Some kid stabbed brittany in the leg with a pencil and I was pissed! They told Charlie they weren't at libery to discuss the kids punishment. Yeah ok. That went over well. NOT! So today I told them to either tell or I was going to go to the Sheriff and file assult charges. They told me the boy had been suspended for a few days but couldn't tell me the specifics. I feel better knowing he got out of school suspension. Brittany said he got dentention or In school suspension.

Samantha is supposed to come here in a bit. Bob is bringing her. Tonight is Charlie's work Christmas party. I dread going with Nathan being as sick as he is. Cecil said she'd baby sit. That'll be cool. I'm not sure how long we'll stay though because of how Nathan feels. Plus, if the party sucks? It gives me a good reason to go home. I still need to buy something to wear. My fat ass doesn't have anything. I have lost 8 pounds though and kept it off. That's a good thing, right?

I sent my first batch of Christmas cards out yesterday. Only 18 of them. I need to send more. They are sitting here looking at me. Blech! I don't feel like it but I know it needs to get done. Well that's my update. It's been a while!>

Thursday, October 05, 2006

17 days

So... 17 days and then it's my birthday. It's kind of weird to think about bing 30. I've always wanted to be older. I hated when people looked at me weird because of having 4 kids at the age of 24 etc. Now that it's coming up I wish it would go away. LOL

It's hard to believe the wedding is one month and 3 days ago! How did THAT happen?!? It's gone by so fast! I think I'm finally coming off of that. I didn't know what to do with myself. I had nothing else to plan. NO more looking at flowers, centerpieces, dresses, jewelry, veils etc. I didn't realize how much of my time and energy that wedding took.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Wow, it's been one week already. Where has the time gone?

I can't believe that one week, 3 hours and 6 minutes ago I was getting married. I feel 18 years old. I think the part that makes me the happiest and probably the most scared is that Charlie is so much like my dad. I've always had reservations about relationships etc and jokingly set the bar. . . You'd better be prepared to treat me as good as my father does because I have it good. That was always a safety net. Well guess what? I found it. He does and it's such a nice secure feeling.

Here are just a few of my favorite shots from our photograher.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack


Now I'm back and married. Weird saying that! This week I've been doing all of the legal stuff and changing whatever I could think of that needed to be changed. SS#, drives license, bank accounts, car insurance etc. What a pain in the butt but hey at least it's done. I'm kind of bored now. Nothing to plan. Nothing to look at. No colors to pick, music to select, favors to decide on etc. Now what? LOL

Our wedding was absolutely beautiful. It went off pretty well I think. Charlie was so handsome and the kids all looked their very best.