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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Its the weekend...

well it's saturday. I think we have a lot of preparing for this little "party" of the kids LOL

Oh well. I hve no idea what we're going to do but i guess we'll figure it out huh? They are getting older. Both of them are sliding out of country music and into this mexican latino reggaeton mix stuff (im sure i spelled it wrong) daddy Yankee and Don Omar are the new Nsync and Alan Jackson in our house LOL

Charlie and Bob are at the landfill today. They took Brittany and Megan. I sure am glad they are in that truck-- not me LOL Megan and Brittany can talk your ears of. We went to a little fall festival type thing at the school last night. It was alright. Nothing spectacular.
Well I need to go get a shower... Ill write more later.


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