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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Friday the 13th

For whatever reason ... I remember today as being Friday the 13th.. Years and years ago my 2nd cousin Becky had her son Christopher on this day. WHY I remember that is beyond me. LOL He has bright red hair and now? Hell, he's probably 15? (Yes, I know it's not really Friday the 13th today)

Today Megan has her IEP. It's at 8:00 this morning and I can't wait to go. I hope the principal is back. She's been on medical leave. I can't stand this woman. She thinks she is above everyone else. She always gives me panic attacks. I'm glad Charlie is going with me.

So----- The wedding dress is purchase. The girls dresses are purchased. I've reserved a lady for hair and make up for myself and for the girls. She comes SOOO Highly recommended. I'm excited to meet up with her. We're going to do at least one, maybe two, practice runs. The latest my dress will be in is January 20th. That seems so far away. I think we're going to have the wedding at the Wagner House. ( http://historicwagnerhouse.com ) It is an old fashioned southern mansion. The lady that owns is it really nice. And man, she decorates that house beautifully! The pictures really do it no justice. I may go back this weekend to take pictures of it to show yall.

The cat goes to the vet this morning. They've actually already left to drop her off. She's going to get fixed. Wahhhh Poor baby. I'd just hate to have any kittens. This way -- the "girl" is fixed. Our other cat, Rabbit, is supposed to be fixed. When they tried to fix that stupid cat-- they said he was A) already done or B) a hermaphrodite cat with both sex parts! HE was only 5 or 6 months old when we went to have him neutered. They suspected they'd see SOME sign of a surgery scar but they didn't. This way--- we're safe! Bwahhaha...

Tomorrow is Nathan's pumpkin patch thingy with his school. Yay! I can't wait. We went last year and I got some really cute pictures. He's doing really well in school this year!


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