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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Well it's almost time for halloween. I saw all of the Christmas stuff at the stores the other day. I'm thinking I ight buy Charlie and myself a Christmas present. Actually, I really need to start buying disney tickets. We won't be able to go if I dont get a move on it lol

The kids have all been sick. Blah! I have Megan home with a 101 fever today and I had to pick nathan up because he's got an upset belly. Oh did I tell yall that Charlie and I are going to see Drew Carey and his all star improv show? I can't wat. We have front row seats to it. Charlie and I crack up laughing at the Whose line is it anyway shows. Its my favorite show! LOL Tht's not until November 10th. Then--we'll be going to PA. For the stupid baby shower lol OH speaking of baby showers... Shannon and Bob are having a girl. Woooo hoooo! One more baby to spoil.. woo hoo Not too much longer :)

i need to get lunch ill update later.


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