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Thursday, October 20, 2005

4 days..

So it's been 4 days with no medicine. I didn't take it Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and then today.. so I guess that's 5. I called in a refill today. If I feel like it maybe I'll go get it. I can feel myself swinging. Being moody. Not wanting to get out of this chair. Whatever. Why do I need to? My birthday is on Saturday. Who cares. lol

My brain is so fried with this whole wedding thing. I've found two places that I really like for a reception. Now.... I just need to figure out where I'm going to get the money and how many people there will actually be. We were looking to stay small. Around 40'ish counting us. But if I'm going to have to pay minimums than hell... I might as well invite more people right?

On top of this whole wedding thing we are planning our Disney trip. It's going to be us and our 5 kids and our friends and their 2 boys. My dad was going to go but backed out yesterday. Whatever, we'll figure it out.
OH yeah and I think my brother sucks too. He and his wife are having their first baby in December. I try to call him-- he either doesn't answer or is busy and NEVER calls back. If I ask about the baby he changes the subject or says.. "Even if we did have a name, we're not telling you". Now he said it sarcasticly Or so I thought until my sister told my parents that SHE knows the names they are using. Whatever. Maybe it wouldn't bug me medicated but today it does. I'm kind of tired of trying to initiate a relationship with him when he obviously doesn't care enough to reciprocate. They are having a surprise shower I guess for Stacy at the church on November 12th. I haven't even been invited. My parents called and asked if I've seen the stuff they registered for etc, Well how in the fuck would I? My dad says.. "Well it's on the invitations"... What invitations? The one I didn't get? My mom said this morning.. well Melissa-- you probably won't get one because you live in NC. Well fine. They won't get a wedding invitation from me because they live in PA... How is that logical? It's not in my opinion.
Whatever. I'm going to watch a Tim McGraw video. Why? Because I want to.


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