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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

holy hot

The news said that today the heat index is going to be 115. Blech. We've turned the AC up in our house. Normally it's like 72'ish? And now it's about 75/76. It's still making a big difference in the house. Who wants to even be outside. Not me!

We went to Virginia Beach on Friday with Charlie's biological family. We had a really good time. Friday and most of Saturday we just stayed at the hotel and beach. We went to the boardwalk area and got one of those bikes that hold the whole family. We peddled our butts for like 2-2 1/2 miles . I think it felt like 12. It was soooo hot. We went out on Saturday to some Irish Pub to see Chuck play in a band. Megan freaking loved it! She was quite the little groupie!

Oh yesterday I went and looked at my bridal portraits. Hello!. Can we say fat? It's funny because in my head? I don't look as fat as I did in my pictures. LOL Out of 20 pictures-- I picked 6.. and narrowed it down to 4. I should have them back rather quickly. Good.

I have to go make lunch.. perhaps ill be back!


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