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Friday, March 31, 2006


Shannon and Bob had their baby last Monday! She's absolutely beautiful. Samantha Grace. She weighed in at 7lbs 10 ounces. And I must say.. she looks JUST like Bob! LOL This is the picture I took for their announcements. She's just the most precious little thing. I went over yesterday and played some cards and hung out with Shannon and her mom. It was fun. It's so nice to hold a new baby and to smell them. Samantha smells so darn good, too!

Things around here are getting busy. Brittany's been doing really well with her braces. She got the color thingies changed the other day. Now I call her watermelon mouth. She picked bright green and pink. Whatever! But at least she's taking care of them 110% better than I thought she would. At the end of April, she will get her head gear. I hope she doesn't give us too much crap about that. And then soon? Anthony will have braces, too. There goes $300 a month in braces. Ouch ouch ouch

We went to Texas a few weeks ago for Charlie's family birthday/reunion/party type thing. That was ok. It freaking rained the whole time. I'm sure some of you saw all of the flooding that Dallas had? Yep. That's where we were. The flooding was very scary. I was riding int he car with my fingers covering my ears and my eyes squeezed shut as tight as I could get them. hmmm I wonder if I have a picture of that... Ahhhh there it is!Isn't that crazy? That is an off ramp and the water was 1/2 way up the light poles!

So here is a bad picture of Brittany and Charlie and I from Texas... I was talking so that's why I look horrible.

Oh then there is the wedding. I placed my order for the flowers the other day... I'm not sure if I'm convinced that they are what I want... I put $200 down towards them. So what do you think of these? They are kind of purple for my liking. We aren't going to have as much pink in there. We're going to use candlelight roses I think.. I think next I will find and pay for a cake.. and then a photographer... It's going to be hard to pick a photographer.. And I guess i need to book a block of hotel rooms for people, too. *sigh* this stinks! I hate stress. OH and invitations. I did pay someone from 2peas to make some stuff for me.. but.. she hasn't gotten back to me. I don't know at what point I should get nervous LOL


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