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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It feels like Monday

Even though it's Tuesday, it sure does feel like Monday. What a long day. I spent my whole day at the Doctors office with Cecil and her boy. Around 10 I got a call from the school telling me that Megan's ear hurt her and to come get her. We then went to Urgent Care so Robbie could get a Cat scan of his belly. It turns out he's fine. Megan ended up with an ear infection and initial tests reveal no strep throat. Brittany's said no strep either until they did the 24 hour culture. I was supposed to get my hair done today. That didn't work out as planned. I guess I'll just reschedule it.

Tonight is American Idol. Can you believe Chris got voted off? That's almost as bad as voting off Boston Rob on Survivor. What in the hell are those people thinking? Vote people. Vote. I think Taylor is the better of the two left. He has the potential to sell more albums and he'll gain a following like Clay Aiken. Katherine McFlirt.. Well, she'll die out quickly. I guarantee she'll forget the song lyrics to at least one song. She can sing really well but I just don't like her. Maybe I just don't like her parents. I can't tell. If she wins though ? I'm ok with that. Taylor can be runner up and then he won't be as tied to the title. I still wish Chris was in it though. He has been by far my favorite.

The next few weeks are busy! My mom and dad are coming this weekend. I think my dad and Charlie are going to see NASCAR in Charlotte. My brother and his wife and baby come the following week. We have an orthodontist appointment, Brooke's IEP and the 5th grade dance all next week. The following week is even more busy. I know Charlie has a butt load of traveling to do coming up. Like-- Canada, SC, Atlanta, Boulder, Co, and who knows where else. I just got season tickets for Kings Dominion. I think the kids will like to go there this summer. It was a crazy good deal. $59.99 for the season? heck I'm so on that. On a hot hot day? We can go to their water park. On the weekends? We can go to their amusement parks etc. Plus... we have the wedding coming up... it will give me a good mental release. ha!

We met with a photographer last week. he was pretty decent. I know Charlie really liked his personality and sincerity above all else. he offered some pretty good reasonable packages too. I think he wants about $3000 for a decent package which isn't too bad.

Well I guess I'm rambling... Ill write more later!


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