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Thursday, May 11, 2006


So here I sit. Alone. I feel like I've been in this house alone for forever now. I know Charlie used to be gone for weeks and weeks but he's been home for so long that the last 2 weeks have been dragging out. Next week he goes to Chicago for a few days. Blach! He got to Omaha last night and today sounds as if it's a pretty shitty day for him. I have managed to clean my living room and dining area today. I also went through my whole filing cabinet and organized it and purged it of stupid return envelopes and things like that. I hate throwing stuff away.

On Sunday Nathan was chasing our cat, Angel, and fell into a treasure box in Brittany's room. That resulted in a 4 hour trip to the ER. He actually cut right between his nostrils. I've never seen a cut there. He didn't get stitches or anything because by the time we were seen it had started to deal. They did super glue it (for lack of better terms) and put some steri-strips on it. By Tuesday he had ripped them off. They did a CAT scan and that came back normal-- thank god!

Oh speaking of normal or perhaps abnormal. I had my yearly pap smear and that came back abnormal. I have to have a colposcopy done on the 30th. They said I have cervical dysplasia and something else but I forget. My mom had the same stuff she said. She ended up with a hysterectomy at 32. I'm nervous.

Times are getting busy around here. Summer is coming. I can't wait.


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