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Monday, January 24, 2005

Hi--It's me

It's Monday. I hate Monday's. There really is no point in them. If we skipped Monday's, I wonder if I would start to hate Tuesday? I woke up early this morning to get the older kids showered and ready for school. I had to be at the school for Anthonys Student of the Month awards. He's such a good looking kid! I was looking around that cafeteria and well, to be honest, there aren't too many good looking kids LOL I'm so proud of him! He's really a good kid! Brookie got an award, too! I couldn't hear what the award was for. I *Think* it was called a character award. She'll be so thrilled with the new pencil LOL

Life down here has been COLD! Earlier today it was about 22 degrees outside! Brrrr.. I saw my moms temp said it was like 3F so I guess I shouldn't complain. They were to get 15-18 inches of snow but they ended up with about 8 I think my dad said. I think I'd rather have the snow.I mean when people panic, It's nice to know it's for a reason. Down here in NC-- They all panic. Shut down the whole damn city! All of the highways close and everything. And for what?? 1 inch of snow. What a joke!

My car has to go into the shop this week. It needs something like a rack and pinion? Plus something is wrong with my power steering. It's under warranty which is good. I think we have like $100 deductable. Charlie put new rotors are in this weekend. Now we're waiting for ceramic break pads. (I know nothing about this stuff) He and Bob worked on the bonus room this weekend. THey got a lot done, so they tell me. They started to put up the dry wall and actually did the dormers and part of the ceiling. They also framed out the closet. It's starting to look like a room! Anthony and Nathan will have that room.

Johns parents are coming down this weekend. They are bringing Johns brother and his fiance. Mike is getting married in May. We're going to figure out a way to get the kids up there so that they can be in the wedding. I hate that I won't be able to see them. I'm going to ask that they at least send me some pictures. I bet they will look sooooo cute! Hopefully someone is smart enough to take a picture of John and the kids. Not that I want one with John in it but down the road it will be nice for them to have.
Well, I guess that's it for now..


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