If you can't convince them, confuse them

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Soul Patrol Soul Patrol!

Well it's over. The 5th season of American Idol has come to an end. I'm so glad Taylor Hicks won. He will have an incredible career. I truly believe it will parallel Clay Aiken's. He has the like ability factor like Clay. People who are 90 will like him as much as the 9 year olds. Although I did read the other day that he had been busted for drugs back in1998 (I think?) Go Taylor. Get on wit yer bad self..LOL The season finale was FABULOUS! Man I was screaming! Did you see Clay?? Omg did you??? WOOO HOOO CLAY AIKEN! I love love love love to hear Clay sing. I have to admit that he painfully looked like PeeWee Herman last night with that hair but who cares. That boy can SING! Where was Ruben? Where was Fantasia? I'm sure their schedules weren't THAT booked. LOL Anyhow.. Great show! I think it's hilarious that Simon said Taylor would never make it to be judged by people.... let alone... HE WON! Take that Simon!

Charlie is away again. Why is that not shocking. This stupid freaking job has him traveling for what seems like forever. Sometimes I just wish he'd have kept his job in Pennsylvania. At least then we'd still make the same money and not see Charlie. Now? We're 30% more poor and Charlie isn't home. You do the math and tell me why this job is better. Hopefully the traveling won't continue long. But it's been a long freakin' 5-6 weeks.

My mom and dad are coming down tomorrow for the weekend. Weee haaa Cowboy (in my best Nathan voice) It'll be nice to visit with them and do basically NOTHING! LOL Sunday I am watching Samantha while everyone goes the races. Well--- assuming that they all go to the races. LOL They need tickets first. Shannon said Carrie Underwood is supposed to be singing there. wahhhh I like her. I put up a post on Craigslist offering to trade 2 Tim and Faith tickets for decent American Idol tour tickets this summer. No one has responded. Damn. I thought it was a pretty good trade since Tim is way more hot than Kevin Covais AKA-- Chicken Little.

I had a dream last night about Andy Marshall. Man i felt like I was in high school all over again. Yep and he was even stoned in my dream. I don't know what kind of drugs he was on though LOL In my dream Johns girlfriend told me I had too many clothes for my kids and that she felt I should give them to John. Um, hello. Noway. They were bought by ME LOL Funny how dreams make you hate people lol Ok maybe it wasn't the dream :) On that note..

... I need to go wake the kids.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It feels like Monday

Even though it's Tuesday, it sure does feel like Monday. What a long day. I spent my whole day at the Doctors office with Cecil and her boy. Around 10 I got a call from the school telling me that Megan's ear hurt her and to come get her. We then went to Urgent Care so Robbie could get a Cat scan of his belly. It turns out he's fine. Megan ended up with an ear infection and initial tests reveal no strep throat. Brittany's said no strep either until they did the 24 hour culture. I was supposed to get my hair done today. That didn't work out as planned. I guess I'll just reschedule it.

Tonight is American Idol. Can you believe Chris got voted off? That's almost as bad as voting off Boston Rob on Survivor. What in the hell are those people thinking? Vote people. Vote. I think Taylor is the better of the two left. He has the potential to sell more albums and he'll gain a following like Clay Aiken. Katherine McFlirt.. Well, she'll die out quickly. I guarantee she'll forget the song lyrics to at least one song. She can sing really well but I just don't like her. Maybe I just don't like her parents. I can't tell. If she wins though ? I'm ok with that. Taylor can be runner up and then he won't be as tied to the title. I still wish Chris was in it though. He has been by far my favorite.

The next few weeks are busy! My mom and dad are coming this weekend. I think my dad and Charlie are going to see NASCAR in Charlotte. My brother and his wife and baby come the following week. We have an orthodontist appointment, Brooke's IEP and the 5th grade dance all next week. The following week is even more busy. I know Charlie has a butt load of traveling to do coming up. Like-- Canada, SC, Atlanta, Boulder, Co, and who knows where else. I just got season tickets for Kings Dominion. I think the kids will like to go there this summer. It was a crazy good deal. $59.99 for the season? heck I'm so on that. On a hot hot day? We can go to their water park. On the weekends? We can go to their amusement parks etc. Plus... we have the wedding coming up... it will give me a good mental release. ha!

We met with a photographer last week. he was pretty decent. I know Charlie really liked his personality and sincerity above all else. he offered some pretty good reasonable packages too. I think he wants about $3000 for a decent package which isn't too bad.

Well I guess I'm rambling... Ill write more later!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


So here I sit. Alone. I feel like I've been in this house alone for forever now. I know Charlie used to be gone for weeks and weeks but he's been home for so long that the last 2 weeks have been dragging out. Next week he goes to Chicago for a few days. Blach! He got to Omaha last night and today sounds as if it's a pretty shitty day for him. I have managed to clean my living room and dining area today. I also went through my whole filing cabinet and organized it and purged it of stupid return envelopes and things like that. I hate throwing stuff away.

On Sunday Nathan was chasing our cat, Angel, and fell into a treasure box in Brittany's room. That resulted in a 4 hour trip to the ER. He actually cut right between his nostrils. I've never seen a cut there. He didn't get stitches or anything because by the time we were seen it had started to deal. They did super glue it (for lack of better terms) and put some steri-strips on it. By Tuesday he had ripped them off. They did a CAT scan and that came back normal-- thank god!

Oh speaking of normal or perhaps abnormal. I had my yearly pap smear and that came back abnormal. I have to have a colposcopy done on the 30th. They said I have cervical dysplasia and something else but I forget. My mom had the same stuff she said. She ended up with a hysterectomy at 32. I'm nervous.

Times are getting busy around here. Summer is coming. I can't wait.