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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen... It's TIM WEEK!!!

So today is Wednesday. SATURDAY IS THE DAY!!! I am SO excited! I can't wait. There are 30-40 fans getting together at a bar and grille called Stooges. It should be a blast. This is a song that is on Faith's new CD. She sings it with Tim. I love it!

So far this week, Brittany has screwed up homework, anthony has insulted the "rednecks" as he calls them on the bus, Brooke has yelled "to the mexican boy" down the street.... I swear we're going to have our house burnt down here LOL

Megan and Nathan start school next week and then... I'm officially kid free. I can't wait! Today we went to meet Charlie for lunch at McDonalds. He said he's probably going to Georgia next week to do an install and them to Omaha, Nebraska in October. Too bad you don't get more rapid rewards for the distance you travel instead of just the frequency LOL It won't be so bad with him gone now that the kids are going to be in school.
Oh do you want to hear how heavy I got? When they were messing with my medicine-- I weighed in at a big FAT 183!! Can you believe that? I got huge. I should really post a picture so you can just really see how heavy I got. Then, I stopped the meds and now I'm down to about 160. I know it's still heavy. And way heavier than I have ever been but it's coming off. When I met charlie I was 130. I remember Dave coming in from Texas telling me "I was bigger than he thought"... WTF? LOL That was around the same time. If 130 is big... I want to be big again.

Oh speaking of numbers. I paid $2.79 for gas today. It was $50.50 to fill up my van. I should have filled it up yesterday. I saw it was $2.49. I can't believe the horrific conditions of the south. You just feel so helpless. So many peoples lives are destroyed and there is no one to even be mad at. I know they say you shouldn't compare this to the tsunami but in ways? This is almost worst. The tsunami victims had no warning. That's why the numbers of lives lost was so high. We did have warning. However, the tsunami didn't have 160mph winds to brave and the rain for 12 hours or more straight. The waters receeded after the tsunami and here it is DAYS later and the water is still rising. God bless those people.

You never looked so good
As you did last nightUnderneath those city lights
There walking with your friend
Laughing at the moon
I swear you looked right through me
But I'm still livin' with your goodbye
And you're just goin' on with your life

Chorus:How can you just walk on by
Without one tear in your eye
Don't you have the slightest feelings left for me
Maybe that's just your way
Of dealing with the pain
Forgetting everything between our rise and fall
Like we never loved at all

You, I hear you're doin' fine
Seems like you're doin' well
As far as I can tell
Time is leaving us behind(Leavin' us behind)
Another week has passed
And still I haven't laughed yet
So tell me what your secret is
To letting go, like you did, like you did

Did you forget the magic
Did you forget the passion
Did you ever miss me
Ever long to kiss meeeee....
Maybe that's just your way
Of dealing with the pain
Forgetting everything between our rise and fall
Like we never loved...at alllllll....

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Blah, Another entry

I know I should be doing something. I just don't feel like it. I have the 6th grade blues. I can't believe Anthony is in 6th grade. He's dang near done with school. Where on earth did that time go? I'm so lucky to have him. He's such a good kid. So gentle hearted and well rounded and SO damn smart. sometimes too smart for his own good. I'm starting to feel a little paranoia. I'm trying to instill things in him. I'm trying to remember and make mental lists of things I might not have taught him yet... "did you remember to brush your teeth and put deodorant on? You should always do this before leaving the bathroom after a shower" or another one is "Please cut your fingernails. The first sign of a well manicured man is nice finger nails" All of these things he needs to know. What if he forgets? What if I didn't tell him enough times? What happens when I can't remind him of these things? What if he REALLY wants to go into the Army. How will I feel about THAT?

He didn't have his school schedule with him today. I wanted to run it in. I'm trying to show self restraint and know this is 6th grade. I've told Brittany the key word this year is "accountability". They need to be responsible and held accountable for things they do and don't do. I'm trying to do my job. I just worry sometimes I'm not and NOW I'm stressed that I'm running out of time to teach them stuff and what happens if I don't. *Sigh*

Happy School Year Day!

Today is the day. Yes siree! The day! Anthony, Brittany and Brooke all went to school. Megan will go after labor day and I'm not quite sure when Nathan goes. I suppose I should make that call huh? Anthony didn't seem to nervous this morning. He's been nervous all week though. He ended up missing the bus this morning and I had to drive him. There was an accident near the school so it took longer than expected. I had to drop him off and RACE back home to make sure the girls were all ready to go. They finally ran to get their bus and then I had to get Megan and Nate ready to go to the school so Megan could have her teacher orientation. It went pretty good, at least I think so :) I saw Brookes old teacher and megans old teacher, too. After that was done we went to Cecil's and sat and talked for a little and now I'm home.

I need to find the benedryl for my arm. It hurts so bad. I finally called the dr yesterday to ask about the rash and he said he thinks i'm allergic to triple antibiotic ointment. I've stopped putting it on and started taking benedryl every 3-4 hours and it seems to be helping some. When it itches? It itches soooo bad I can hardly stand it.

Charlie is out of town. He's been in DC since Tuesday. They said he'd be home tonight but now they've changed it to tomorrow. The neighbors got a new kitten. Man they have NO clue what they are doing with it. Yesterday Corina was spraying it with the hose and it was soaked. it must only be about 4 weeks old? 5 tops! I brought it inside and gave it food and water and kept it warm. They are keeping it in our puppy dog cage. The dad won't let it run free through the house. Whatever, weirdo's. I need to take it to a no kill shelter because Charlie won't let me keep it. We already have the 2 cats though so i can't say I blame him LOL

Well I guess for now-- that's it.. I'll write more later.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Just a few more days....

Thursday is the day. Why am I so excited??? I can't WAIT until it's time for these kids to go back to school. My nerves are shot. I think Charlie finally gets what it's like to be here non-stop all day, every day with these kids. They suck the life right out of you. It baffles me how people can actually fight over stupid stupid things. "I call shot-gun!" " I want that cup" "Megan's holding the cat, again" "Brittany got to pick the tv show last night".. "Anthony has the pillow that I wanted to use"... huh? Like any of this matters. This is why I'm on meds. LOL

I have no clue when Nathan goes back to school. I haven't heard anything from his school or his teacher yet. I tried calling this morning but the teacher isn't in. Brookes teacher asks for a disposable camera. She will take pictures of the kids throughout the year and then get them developed so that we have a school years worth of shots of the kids. I think that's a really cute idea :) I have to find out what time Anthony's orientation is tomorrow, too. I still can't believe he's going into 6th grade! Man-- that makes me feel OLD!

Well That's all for now. I'm going to go play Zuma LOL I can't get passed 9-5

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Holy hell

And that's not stretching the truth. It is as hot as a mutha f'er out there! It's been 105-110 for the last two days. Charlie refuses to go outside. LOL I think it's nice for a while anyhow. I have my arm wrapped in gauze so that the sun doesn't burn it more. That's when it hurts the most. It does hurt at night, too. Last night I took an Ambien so I could sleep. Man did it ever work.

Brittany just told me the salad is bad, but not to worry, Nathan is eating it. I swear sometimes these kids have NO brains. I think we're going to Bob and Shannons house for dinner tonight. They are having their first little Ukrainian in March. Wooo Hooo. I know Shannons been wanting this for a while! I hope they name her Olga!

Today we have a bowling party for Frank around 12:00 or 1:00. I forget. The kids love bowling. We've been going a few times a week all summer since the school gave our free games, daily. It's spposed to be crazy freaking hot today. I think I saw 105-110 heat index. Charlie and Brittany are gone getting coffee. Weeeee. I hate coffee. The smell makes me want to puke.

The Doctor put me back on ADD medicine yesterday. He also gave me medicine for my shoulder. He thinks I hurt my rotary cuff and since I've been babying it the muscles are weak. That stupid damn horse. I should have never signed the agreement that I wouldn't sue them LOL Id idn't sleep at all last night. I burnt my arm making pancakes yesterday. One harm hurts because of my shoulder and the other arm hurts because of the burn.. blah blah blah.. I'm such a dufus.

Well I guess that's it for now. Not much of an update but then again I'm not much for mornings LOL

Friday, August 19, 2005

This is a repost of the 15th...

My worst memory out of all of my school years----6th grade.It was the hardest year by far. There were 5 of us girls and someone was always left out. We fought and man did we fight bad. The prank phone calls, hate notes, locker smashing, rumors spread, sometimes even fist fights LOL We were HORRIBLE> Every other day we were at the counselors office. He told my mom we were the worst group of girls he'd ever had. We were trying to find out who we were I think. The funny thing is... 4 of us out of the 5 are still really good friends. It's easy now to see who the trouble maker was :)Well the whole point to this is ...

Today? I took my Anthony to his 6th grade orientation. 6th grade? Gosh. How can I be a mom of one of those kids! Especially when my 6th grade is sooo vivid in my head LOL He was so nervous. He was shivering and saying how cold the hallways were. I told them they weren't cold but that he was nervous. He said he wasn't nervous. Yeah ok. He proceeded to walk into the gym and go up the bleachers to his friends..... but.... not before catching his big as feet on the steps and falling straight up LOL I swear this child really IS Murphy's Law. He handled it well though. He just got up and looked back at me and smiled. Whatta goof! It's hard to believe he's 11 1/2. He'll be done with high school in 6 more years! Man, where did the time go! He used to be my baby and now he's having "adult" conversation with me. He told me the other day that he doesn't have a religion because he wasn't baptized. Well, that's because my church only dedicates and then you get baptized when you're old enough to accept God for yourself. Anyhow, to make a long story short we talked about how you get baptized and what has to happen etc and about the 10 commandments etc. The one that stuck out in his head was "Thou shall not kill" He wanted to know how a person can join the military and be a Christian. Hmm... interesting. I'd like to know if anyone has a good answer for this. He said the military people have to kill and how come they wear crosses etc.. He said he didn't want to make that commitment to God because he wants to join the military. It's just weird that something so simple makes sense to a little 11 year old.. but not to everyone else.

So here we are. It's Monday. Charlie is at his new job. It's his first day. Hopefully he's doing alright. It will be so weird to have him come home and BE here! Every night? At least for a while anyhow. The bonus room is almost done,too! I think we need to sang just a few more spots and them primer it and paint it and voila! I can't wait! Hopefully it helps keep some of the clutter down!

Guess who got their Tim tickets??

Yepper. ME!!!!!!!!! They were delivered last night. Unfortunately, they didn't get upgraded but 5th row will have to do. LOL Poor me huh ? The concert is in September. Labor day weekend. I can't wait It will be a good time!

I updated this thing the other day but for whatever reason it's updating out of order. It's below the 6th grade post. If THIS goes below the 6th grade post I give up! Sometimes I miss my old journals. But I hated messing with the html and archives and blah blah blah. This just seems easier.

I go to the Dr today at 2:20. When I fell off of the horse in Arizona I hurt my shoulder. I knew I hurt my shoulder. I told them it burned as soon as I fell. That was where all of my pain was at initially. When they took x-rays-- they had to stop becasue my shoulder hurt so bad. It's been a while now and I'm still struggling. It hurts to take my bra off, it hurts to take a shirt off or on, it hurts to reach back and get a seatbelt etc. I can't put glasses away in the cabinets because reaching up hurts me too bad.

Is today Thursday or Friday?I forget. Saturday we have a birthday party to go to. A bowling party. yeee haaa. The kids will love it. It's for our friends son. We went to their house last night for cake and ice cream. I wonder what I should get him for his birthday. I've never been good at buying boys presents LOL

School starts next week. Oh ma'lawd! I can't wait! Anthony will be on the big morning bus. I think I actually might drive him. I haven't decided yet. Brittany and Brooke will go back together. Megan and Nate will go later I believe. Heck, I"m' not even sure when Nathan goes back. We haven't heard from that school at all yet. Maybe I should call today. He really wants to see his teacher so maybe I'll even drive him by her house. She's a nice lady. Her name is Doyle. Huh? lol But in the south, Doyle is said like Dole. Yes the fruit LOL

Anyhow... I need to go get a shower. Congrats to Amy on the baby girl! She's realllllly cute!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Who turned off the air conditioning? Man it's been hot the last few days. The kids are awake today and I'm off to my friends to go swimming.

Charlie started his job down here yesterday. Woohoo! He's home. It was weird! he was home at 5:30!! I don't think he's ever been home at 5:30 unless he's taken a day off of work. This is going to be sooo cool!

Anyhow, I'll write more later. Oh Amy's water broke! That means we're going to have one more Canadian in this world! Woo hooo. Welcome baby Gagnon!


Well it's later. It's hotter than hell here LOL We went swimming and Cecil and i played Zuma for a while. Now I'm off to the store to find something for dinner. I hate food shopping. I hate cooking even more! Ugh

Friday, August 12, 2005

In bed...

I should be in bed. Really I should. It's after 1am and i just can't sleep. My friend Jody called my cell at about 12-12:30. He's been married for 8 years and I guess his wife has been cheating on him for 4 of those years. He's crushed. I want to console him but what do I say? Damn that bitch for cheating? *oops*.

They are finally getting divorced and tonight she called and was crying, begging him to take her back. I never did that. I never wanted to go back. I second guessed myself a lot though in the begining. "Holy shit, what did I just do!" "I hope I made the right choice" etc. I'm sure you all know those thoughts. I'm glad things are the way they are now. I mean, if I had to do it over again? I'd never ever do it the way we did it but.... the end result is good :) Real good.

I'm excited that Charlie's coming home tomorrow. I think that's part of why I can't sleep. Here I sit with a warm cup of tea and a tub of Original Rice Pudding. mmmmm.. Good snack~! Oh I bought Jello pops tonight. Holy shit.It's been YEARS since I saw a jello pop. My kids only liked the chocolate ones. Don't they know good food when they see it??

Well I guess I should head off to bed... or at least try... If I'd just click that red "X" on the 2peas website I'd be able to sleep. No doubt. But now -- the one board is upset at the other board and people are dissing us on their board and blah blah blah...You get the point.

G'night :)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Whose Line is it anyway?

Whose line is it anyway HAS to be the funniest show on tv. Charlie and I TiVo it and watch it at night after the kids go to bed. Collin and Ryan crack me up! I love Wayne Brady, too. The funniest episode is when Richard Simmons is on there and he goes "jet skiing". I know the video is on line.. I'll have to look it up and post the link. Seriously almost makes me cry. It's funny but what's more funny is watching the comedians lose the ability to keep a straight face.

So tomorrow Brittany and Charlie come home. I'm nervous. I'm glad that we brought Anthony and Brooke home first and let them readjust. Now, I just have to get Brittany to readjust. She'll have almost 2 weeks to get ready and get normal. Things are so screwed up for her. I feel bad for her. When we saw her when in PA she was telling us how her mom fights with her boyfriend and her mom called 911 and the police came etc etc. What kind of life is that? I realize it's her mom but why not just leave her HERE if that's the type of situation she's in? Anyhow.. I know she's better off here. It gets rough but... This too shall pass...

So I didn't write about it the other day....
Clay Aiken sang Bridge Over Troubled Water the other night. That was just the highlight of my summer. It gave me goosebumps. I love his version of it. I almost hate to hear the original version now. It was sooooo good! And I felt like I was at "American Idol". Ya know.. it's almost that time! It's almost time for the new shows to start. Oh my. I'm SUCH a tv junkie. What will I do now with out Boston Rob? Ahhh! I know that I'm alone in that crush. That's ok I guess. But it doesn't change the fact that he's hot. I think my other new crush.. well not KNEW.. but.. I think it's Eminem. He just gives off this bad boy sexiness vibe. Really. The truth is-- Neither of them matter. September 3rd I'll be at the Tim McGraw concert. I can't believe it's here already! I've had tickets since February! THAT will be the highlight of my WORLD! LOL I used to like NKOTB. I saw them in concert July 28, 1990 in Bristol CT. joey McIntyre! Ahhhh.. That's who I wanted. I was going to marry him. I still get all smiley when I see him. I'm not alone. I know other fans do too! LOL

Here are two pictures I took today of Nathan. I really like them.

Well anyhow it's 10:30 and I want to watch the rest of this show.....

Good night :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Lazy summer days..

I'm changing this font. Why? Well, because I guess I can. I'm trying to see which one I like. This particular one is called Georgia. Who names a font after a state? I mean, Websters dictionary is pretty big and they have to start reusing words? WTH is up with that? Verdana is what it will be. Ya know why I use this font? LOL This is pathetic. I use this font because it's bigger. That way when I only type a little bit--it actually looks as if I have typed a lot more.

So I told you all about Anthonys dog bite. I didn't tell you about Nathan's tooth. Man, these boys keep me hopping. While we were in Pennsylvania we had dinner with Johns parents. On the way home, Megan tried to put Nathan's seatbelt on and it slipped and the buckle busted Nate across the mouth. He cried, but not much. That whole night he was up crying. When he woke up his whole face was swollen. Hmm, how can I describe it. Perhaps a mix of Homer Simpson and Planet of the Apes? I drove to my moms and took him to the Dr. They said he'd be fine and to just give him motrin. Ok, fine. The swelling did start to go down. 2 days later? He was wrestling with my sister (17) and Anthony (11) and got clothes lined across the mouth in the same spot. This time his nose was bleeding, his mouth was bleeding and he was in and out of consciousness. We immediately drove him to the hospital and sat there for what seemed like FOREVER! Of course as any mom knows.... the minute you walk into the emergency room--Your child no longer has an emergency. HE felt fine. Running around, jumping etc. You name it and he did it. They did xrays and stuff there and said he'd be fine, just to keep ice on it and use motrin. WELL now ... this week.. I checked on his gums to see that the swelling has gone down only to see that he has a HUGE abscess on his gum. It was nasty. I took him into the dentist and they said the tooth had to come out.Wahhhh. The problem was that due to the inflamation they said they couldn't really numb it. So they had to yank that tooth out with NO numbing ANYTHING! My baby was such a trooper! He looks so different now!

The kids are out in full force now that Anthony is home. Every other dang minute my door bell is ringing. Why don' door bells have off buttons? That would be a GOOD idea. I cleaned out my garage last weekend and I now park the van in there. Daniel is 7. He's from Russia. All he says is.. "My name is Daniel. I'm from Russia the old country" LOL but he said he sees my van and comes to see me. HA! Well.... now it's hiding. Oh I wanted to say.. Bob helped me do my garage too. Totally unexpected but man was I happy. It was SOO hot! It would have taken me forever and it probably woudn't have been done efficiently but Bob is pretty good at that stuff. So anyway.. my car is in the garage now... wait.. maybe i have a picture LOL

Monday, August 08, 2005

4 in the bed and the little one said......

Man. I have the 3 babies in bed with me and I forgot how uncomfortable it was to have them in here. Things have been so busy around here lately. Charlie got a job here in NC. I can't remember if I said that already or not. He starts next Monday. No more flying for him. Yeee haaa. Ok I lie. He still has to travel but at least he'll see something other than Philadelphia airport.

Anthony got bitten by a local pit bull. OK.. Now, since I'm not on a message board? AHHHHHHH!!!! I've been leery of those dogs since I knew they lived here. I've always supported peoples rights to have them but when I saw them in my neighborhood I have to admit, I was nervous. Rightfully so, obviously! He was riding his motor scooter down the road and the dog came running towards him from it's yard. Anthony stopped the scooter and the dog started to sniff him. Anthony told the owner maybe it's because the dog smells our two dogs? And the dog barked. before the owner could grab him, the dog nipped Anthony in the back of the leg. Anthony drove off. Well I went to the ladies house and talked to her. She was about 22 and smelled like pot so much. All she said was that the dog was up to date on it's shots and that he's just a puppy. 8 months old. She said he likes some kids and hates other. ???? um, ok. and you keep him WHY? I got home and called 911 who transferred me to animal control. They came out and refreshed them on the leash laws of our county and told them to keep them fenced up.
Anyhow, I took a picture of Anthony's leg. I'll post it later.

Also this past week... Charlie's uncle Michael died. I guess he was dead for 3 days before anyone found him. We're not quite sure what he died of. He was a little off. They say he had a bad trip or something from drugs and his brain was basically fried. He was about 45-50 years old. I'm not quite sure. They flew him from Arizona to Chicago to be buried. Charlie's been there Friday. He will fly to Pennsylvania tomorrow I feel so badly for his grandmother. I'm happy thought that we went to Arizona this year for vacation and that I got a chance to meet him. I pray I never have to bury my children. I can't imagine the pain...

OH also on Friday? Thomas and I went to see Clay Aiken. He has a Juke box tour right now and he was in Cary. It was awesome. HOT but awesome. He sang some really good songs. I have to admit it was a trip watching him sing Living la vida loca LOL He's always a good show. If you get a chance to see him.. GO! Hearing him sing live is great.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Yeah baby... I'm home. I am soooo happy to be home. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the visit. But, there's no place like home! I had a blast. My 10th year class reunion was this weekend. I spent the week at my parents house. Actually, we went up to charlie's dads house on Friday night. I missed the house. Well, not so much that I missed the house. I just can't believe it's condition. I knew barb wanted the house to herself but I always figured it was to make it her "own". Decorate it etc. I swear it hasn't been cleaned hardly since we left there a year ago. Her daughters animals live there now and they stay cooped up in the bedroom that used to be the kids' room. The cat has scratched totally through the carpet. The smell is nausiating or however it's spelled LOL It just made me sad. I wanted to call Janette and have her come clean LOL

Anyhow, This weekend was my 10 year class reunion. I spent the week with my parents and visited with my friend Jody from school. He was the first boy I ever kissed. Stacie Young and I trapped him in the boys bathroom in kindergarten. Even back then I was a wild one :) It was SOOO good to see Jody. We have been friends for years! He still looks the same. He's still innocent Jody..But now? He has mucles. What the heck? Where did THEY come from? And now he drinks too! LOL Ha ha we were youngggggg back then. Friday--- we both were SHIT faced. Man, I haven't been that gone in ages. I must have had 10-15 mixed drinks? A few shots.. blah blah blah... I paid for that well into Saturday. Which is good. Becacuse we had more class reunion on Saturday. This time I drank water and pepsi LOL Charlie, on the other hand, felt no pain. We take turns like that. Kind of sweet huh? bwahahahaha...

All 4 kids are home now. Brittany comes home on the 12th. I'm ready for them to come home yet at the same time? I want them all to go away again LOL They've been having fun together but tonight??? When it was time to put the kids to bed and Megan and Brooke wouldn't lay down. I could have strangled one of them .

It took me about 9 hours to get home from PA. I didn't mind the drive that much actually but the kids were crazy. Then we got stuck in traffic like 8 miles from my house. I went 3 miles in 40 minutes. It SUCKED! I could have walked home faster.

Now? It's lmost 10 and I NEED sleep! So for now? ta ta~